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About Us

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences designs and produces high-performance, innovative polymer solutions and components across a wide range of industries, including biopharma, medical, food and beverage, personal care, electronics, and other industrial and consumer sectors. Our unique service offering is the peace of mind we provide customers – built on deep material expertise, our ability to co-develop and manufacture custom solutions, a global manufacturing footprint, and comprehensive knowledge of quality and regulatory standards worldwide. Supported by over 350-years of manufacturing experience, Saint-Gobain Life Sciences is a trusted partner for consistent, reliable, and sustainable products. 


Bioprocess Solutions

The Bioprocess Solutions business of Saint-Gobain Life Sciences is an industry leading provider of material science based solutions for single-use fluid management, including TPE and silicone tubing, connection and flow control components, bioprocess and cell culture bags, filtration products, sensors, and over-molded technology, all available in customized assemblies that are produced in 20 manufacturing facilities located around the world. 

Biopharm Brands

The most advanced design available in today’s demanding connective applications.

The original patented thermoplastic elastomer tubing.

Single-use flowmeters can be used for both flow control and volume control.

Reduce the risks from cleaning and assembly of repeat-use closures.

Formulated to resist the absorption/adsorption of aqueous fluids.

Premium, low spallation, biologically compatible peristaltic pump tubing.

Formulated to withstand the rigors of peristaltic pumping action.

A new generation of clamping technology for the pharmaceutical industry.

Available in a complete spectrum of sizes to simplify scale-up.

Ultra-pure, biopharmaceutical grade silicone tubing with long pump life capabilities.

General laboratory application tubing offering superior life.

Industry first opportunity to mitigate risk and add value into their production process steps. 

Cell Therapy Brands

Closed system for freezing, thawing, and transfer of sterile contents.

Designed for the culturing of suspension cells, such as lymphocytes and monocytes. 

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Capabilities

We create customized single-use solutions for the biopharmaceutical and cell therapy markets. 


We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that maximize impact for our customers, while minimizing our footprint.