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Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Lab

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Laboratory

Life Sciences Lab

The lab tests products for the Cell and Gene Therapy market. Living cells are a new class of drug thanks to recent advances like CAR-T cell therapy, which allows scientists to modify a patient's immune cells and administer them to the person to detect and destroy cancer.

Targeting the immune system instead of the disease represents a paradigm shift in treating cancer and other life-threatening diseases. This lab is dedicated to understanding cell and material interactions for designing single-use systems for the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies.

Lab Capabilities
Cell Therapy Lab
Capabilities at This Lab Include:
  • Isolation, processing, and culturing of primary and immortalized cells
  • High-end analytical equipment to observe and evaluate cell performance and cell-material interactions
  • Cell and protein interactions
  • Molecular biology assays to investigate protein localization and quantification
  • Sterile welding and pumping
  • Low and ultra-low temperature testing
Learn About Our Cell Culture Lab in Worcester, Massachusetts
Video: Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Laboratory

Overview of the Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Laboratory in Worcester, Massachusetts. This lab focuses on cell culture testing of VueLife® and KryoSure® cell therapy products used for the culture and cryopreservation of human cells.