BarbLock® Ultra-Secure Retainers

BarbLock® Ultra-Secure Retainers are the most advanced design available in today’s demanding connective applications. When it comes to retaining flexible tubing and hose onto barbed fittings, BarbLock retainers are the only system with a full 360° radial crimp behind the barb and 360° of compression directly over the barb’s ridge.  BarbLock retainers have become the standard in many industries, including biopharmaceutical, medical, and laboratory, because they solve inherent leak path problems in sensitive and demanding applications. The retainer uses no adhesives or solvents, is ideal for systems transferring delicate liquids or gases, and is quick and easy to assemble, saving valuable time.

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces inconsistent and leak-prone cable ties and traditional clamps
  • Compatible with all flexible tubing materials
  • Provides 360° radial crimp behind the barb
  • Supplies 360° compression over the barb and full dynamic retention
  • Eliminates solvent bonding, ultraviolet bonding and toxic adhesives
  • Constructed with USP Class VI materials
  • Quick and easy to assemble


  • Single-Use Assemblies
  • Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Aseptic and Sterile Fill Lines
  • Filtration
  • General Laboratory
  • Final Fill
  • Product Sampling
  • Fluid Transfer

Product Documents

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BarbLock® Ultra-Secure Retainers

BarbLock® is the only retainer with a full 360° radial crimp behind the barb and 360° of compression directly over the barb’s ridge.

PDF | 4 pages | 1.14 MB
BarbLock® Ultra-Secure Retainers
BarbLock® How-to Instructions

Learn how to install BarbLock® Ultra-Secure Retainers over tubing and collets.

PDF | 1 page | 309.7 KB
BarbLock® How-to Instructions
BarbLock® Handheld Pneumatic Assembly Tool
PDF | 14 pages | 1.33 MB
Handheld Pneumatic Assembly Tool
BarbLock® Tabletop Pneumatic Assembly Tool
PDF | 8 pages | 1.32 MB
Tabletop Pneumatic Assembly Tool
How-to Use BarbLock® Ultra-Secure Retainers and Connection Tools
Video: BarbLock® Retainers and Connection Tools

Learn how to connect BarbLock® ultra-secure retainers using both the BarbLock® Handheld Pneumatic Tool for high volume applications and the BarbLock® Tabletop model for large sizes and high volume assembly.   

Choose the BarbLock® Connection Tool Based on Your Assembly Need

BarbLock® Hand Tools

For Low Volume Assembly Jobs
For Low Volume Assembly Jobs
  • PVDF and steel hand assembly tools*
  • Steel removal tools*

* Tools shown may also have black finish instead of red

BarbLock® HH PAD Tool

For Ultimate Assembly Flexibility
For Ultimate Assembly Flexibility
  • Quick change jaw design eliminates tools for jaw changeover
  • Lightweight design allows for mobility and multiple position configurations
  • Compressed air required

BarbLock® Tabletop Tools

For Large BarbLock Sizes and High Volume Assembly
For Large BarbLock Sizes and High Volume Assembly
  • Closes BarbLock® sizes up to 1"
  • Compatible with both standard and 360° jaw sets
  • Available as both a standard tabletop and walkup tabletop
  • Compressed air required

BarbLock® PAD Tool

For Additional Assembly Flexibility
For Additional Assembly Flexibility
  • Compatible with standard jaw sets
  • Compressed air required

BarbLock® Jaw Sets

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Available in both 360° (left) and standard (right) versions

Part Numbers

Item # Product name Size A Size C Series CAD
BL135040-AL BarbLock® AL 0.385 in 0.520 in 040 Series
BL135045-AL BarbLock® AL 0.385 in 0.520 in 045 Series
BL135062-AL BarbLock® AL 0.385 in 0.520 in 062 Series
BL135093-AL BarbLock® AL 0.385 in 0.520 in 093 Series
BL1351.00-AL BarbLock® AL 2.025 in 2.870 in 1.00 Series
BL1351.10-AL BarbLock® AL 2.025 in 2.875 in 1.10 Series
BL135110-AL BarbLock® AL 0.465 in 0.675 in 110 Series
BL135125-AL BarbLock® AL 0.465 in 0.695 in 125 Series
BL135186-AL BarbLock® AL 0.515 in 0.845 in 186 Series
BL135187-AL BarbLock® AL 0.545 in 0.845 in 187 Series
BL135250-AL BarbLock® AL 0.695 in 1.050 in 250 Series
BL135251-AL BarbLock® AL 0.765 in 1.055 in 251 Series
BL135252-AL BarbLock® AL 0.770 in 1.182 in 252 Series
BL135375-AL BarbLock® AL 0.945 in 1.525 in 375 Series
BL135500-AL BarbLock® AL 1.11 in 1.815 in 500 Series
BL135501-AL BarbLock® AL 1.1 in 1.815 in 501Series
BL135625-AL BarbLock® AL 1.405 in 2.370 in 625 Series
BL135750-AL BarbLock® AL 1.625 in 2.85 in 750 Series
BL135751-AL BarbLock® AL 1.625 in 2.860 in 751 Series
BL135752-AL BarbLock® AL 1.625 in 2.860 in 752 Series
BL253ALHC-4R BarbLock® AL 0.695 in 1.050 in 253 Series
BL254ALLRR-4Y BarbLock® AL 0.695 in 1.050 in 254 Series
BL377ALLRR-4Y BarbLock® AL 0.935 in 1.525 in 377 Series
BL505AL-4G BarbLock® AL 1.1 in 1.805 in 505 Series
BL506ALLRR-4Y BarbLock® AL 1.1 in 1.810 in 506 Series
BL135125-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135187-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135250-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135251-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135252-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135374-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135375-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135376-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135500-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135501-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135502-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135503-C BarbLock® Retainers – Collet
BL135125-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135187-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135250-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135251-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135252-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135374-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135375-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135376-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135500-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135501-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135502-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve
BL135503-S BarbLock® Retainers – Sleeve