KryoSure® Cryopreservation Bags

KryoSure® Cryopreservation Bags safely freeze and protect biologics at temperatures down to, and even beyond, liquid nitrogen temperatures (-196°C). The bags are designed as a closed system for freezing, thawing, and transfer of sterile contents. All KryoSure bags are made from the highest quality USP Class VI fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) material. 


KryoSure® Bag Line Drawings



KryoSure® Bag Specifications

Product Recommended Process Volume *Approx. Maximum Fill Volume Approx. Interior Surface Area (2x Bag Face) Standard Ports & Tubing Qty/Case
6-F 6 mL 7 mL 28 cm2 1 isoprene injection port; 1 length of PVC tubing tube; 1 spike port 10
20-F 20 mL 55 mL 144 cm2 1 spike port; 1 length of PVC tubing that goes to 
"Y" with 2 more lengths of tubing, one length sealed off, and one length with female luer port at end 
62-F  62 mL  250 mL  235 cm2  2 spike ports; 1 length of PVC tubing with 
female luer at the end 
120-F  120 mL  480 mL  362 cm2  2 spike ports; 1 length PVC tubing, with segment numbers, with female luer 
at the end 
180-F  180 mL  625 mL  451 cm2  2 spike ports; 1 length PVC tubing, with segment numbers, with female luer 
at the end 

*The maximum fill volume is a calculated value for the theoretical maximum volume based on the bag dimensions. There is no data supporting usage at this volume. The recommend process volume for cell culture is provided to achieve the optimal 1 cm height when the bag is lying flat. Using a volume above the recommended process volume has not been studied.

Product Documents

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