Sani-Tech® SPT-60L Silicone Tubing

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L is a premium platinum-cured silicone tubing designed for the most exacting pharma operations, like final fill, where low spallation, long pump life, and high accuracy are required. With pump life over 250 hours, this tubing outperforms competitive silicone pump tubing, providing improved performance and reliability under various pumping conditions.

The increased accuracy and precision of Sani-Tech® SPT-60L provides additional assurance that vials are filled to the target volume and reduces potential for costly over/under fills resulting in rejected vials. Less spallation in both number of particles and area of particles across multiple dispensing cycles results in a cleaner and less contaminated final product by filling manufacturers. Complete technical specifications are available in the datasheet and an extractable profile to current BioPhorum standards is available in the Validation and Technical section of our website.

Features & Benefits

  • Long Pump Life
  • Low Spallation
  • Accurate and Consistent Dispensing
  • Full Extractables Report (BioPhorum)
  • Full Validation Package
  • Available with ValPlus™ Certification


  • Final Fill
  • Peristaltic Pumping
  • Single-Use Assemblies
  • Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Product Documents

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Sani-Tech® SPT-60L Silicone Tubing

Premium platinum-cured silicone tubing designed for the most exacting requirements of final fill operations.

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Sani-Tech SPT-60L-datasheet
Precision Final Fill Pump Tubing

Precision Final Fill Pump Tubing Whitepaper

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Precision Final Fill Pump Tubing - whitepaper
Precision Final Fill Pump Tubing Webinar

Join us for a discussion on key performance characteristics for selecting final fill pump tubing.

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L Tubing for Final Fill Applications

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L Tubing