Custom Molding

In addition to commercially available standard products for use in bioprocessing, Saint-Gobain Life Sciences offers a variety of custom molding options. 


Molding Press Specifications

Press Size Tonnage  120t  200t  440t 
Horizontal (inches)  29  34.6  47 
Vertical (inches)  26.7  32.6  43 
Platens Minimum Coverage 
(H x V) (inches) 
13.8 x 13.8  17.9 x 17.9  22.2 x 22.2 


Molding Press Highlights

Plastic injection molding & over-molding

Take place in ISO 8 environment using state-of-the-art molding presses. 

Advanced automation

With use of 6-axes robot and ability to develop custom end-of-arm tooling (EAOT) for minimal part handling. 

Inspection of molded parts

Using multi-sensor metrology.

Assembly Space

ISO 5 and ISO 7 spaces for assembly.

Cell Therapy Solutions

Learn about our cell therapy product lines, custom solution offerings, and manufacturing capabilities.

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Cell Therapy Solutions