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Michigan Flooding and Beaverton Facility Update

Michigan Flooding / Saint-Gobain Beaverton Facility

The Mid-Michigan region of the United States is currently in the middle of historic flooding, with multiple dam failures throughout the region. The area has been placed under a State of Emergency.

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences’ Beaverton manufacturing facility is located within this region and our primary concerns are the safety of our employees and our customers’ ability to get deliveries without disruptions. Therefore, we would like to provide you with an update on our site’s current status and the actions we are taking to support employees impacted by the flooding and monitor the situation to avoid disruptions to operations.

Saint-Gobain Beaverton Manufacturing Operations / Business Continuity

Currently, the Saint-Gobain Beaverton site is up and running, with no flooding or damage. Site operations continue and customer orders have not been impacted.

Employee Safety and Support

While flooding did not occur at our plant, it has affected about 12% of our employees who have been evacuated or experienced damage to their homes or property.  Our Saint-Gobain and local Human Resources teams are working closely together to provide support to these employees. 

Supply Chain and Logistics

We are closely monitoring damage to infrastructure in nearby communities, including bridges and roads, to identify any potential impact to our Supply Chain and Logistics. Our Beaverton team is working with freight companies by providing directions, maps, and alternate routes to access the site. At this time, we do not see an impact to our incoming deliveries or outgoing shipments, but the situation continues to evolve.

We remain committed to honoring our commitments to our customers. We will continue to monitor the situation as it changes and keep you informed if we identify any developments which may impact our operations.