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Fluid Transfer Assemblies

Fluid Transfer Assemblies

Fluid Transfer Assemblies

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences offers a wide range of fluid transfer assemblies to meet specific customer applications. These assemblies include a broad choice of products, including, but not limited to: C-Flex® tubing, Tygon® tubing, syringes, clamps, and luer adapters to address all fluid transfer needs. 

All fluid transfer assemblies are manufactured to exceed expectations for quality and performance. The assemblies are designed for use, not only with VueLife® and KryoSure® bags, but also with other systems. They can be used as standalone systems, as well. 

Sterile transfers can be performed in a laminar flow hood by attaching the tubing to the luer fitting of the VueLife or KryoSure bag. Another option is to use a sterile docking device, which eliminates the need to make connections in the laminar flow hood. This process will work with specific sizes of C-Flex to C-Flex, PVC to PVC, and/or Tygon to Tygon connections. 

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