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Cell Culture Sampling Bottles

Cell Culture Sampling Bottles Case Study

PDF | 2 pages | 199.79 KB
Cell Therapy Solutions

Learn about our cell therapy product lines, custom solution offerings, and manufacturing capabilities.

PDF | 13 pages | 7.56 MB
Cell Therapy Solutions - catalog_0
C-Flex® Braided Tubing

Braid-reinforced tubing designed to meet the critical demands of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications for high pressure fluid processing.

PDF | 2 pages | 424.06 KB
C-Flex Braided-Tubing-datasheet
C-Flex® EZ Top® Container Closures

EZ Top® container closures are made from C-Flex® pharmaceutical-grade resin and tubing to ensure an unobstructed fluid path.

PDF | 2 pages | 377.87 KB
C-Flex EZ Top Container Closure-datasheet
C-Flex® Tubing

C-Flex® tubing for biopharma manufacturing is specifically designed for aseptic welding connections and sealing disconnection.

PDF | 3 pages | 613.87 KB
C-Flex Tubing-datasheet
Change Notification and Communication Policy

In order to maintain compliance to regulatory expectations relevant to the quality management of the supply chain and the Quality Agreements established.

PDF | 2 pages | 117.36 KB
Chemical Compatibility Chart

Chemical Resistance Properties of Tubing

PDF | 9 pages | 541.81 KB
Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance Application Note

PDF | 1 page | 118.67 KB
Closing the system - Peer Review from Journal of Translational Medicine
PDF | 12 pages | 2.65 MB
Cold Storage Transport

Cold Storage Transport Case Study

PDF | 1 page | 156.33 KB
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