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Bio-Simplex® Media Bottle Assembly

Bio-Simplex® Media Bottle Assemblies are engineered to ensure an unobstructed fluid path and extremely low levels of extractables.

PDF | 2 pages | 612.25 KB
Bio-Simplex Media Bottle Assembly Systems-datasheet
Bio-Simplex® Sampling Manifold Systems

Bio-Simplex® Sampling Manifold systems reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

PDF | 2 pages | 992.69 KB
Bio-Simplex Sampling Manifold Systems-datasheet
Bio-Simplex® Single-Use Molded Assemblies

Open architecture approach offers customers an almost infinite number of configurations.

PDF | 4 pages | 1.29 MB
Bio-Simplex Single-Use Molded Assemblies-brochure
Bio-Simplex® Spinner Flask Accessories

Assemblies designed to be used with your existing glassware for fluid transfer into and out of your spinner flask.

PDF | 2 pages | 704.25 KB
Bio-Simplex Spinner Flask Accessories-datasheet
Bio-Simplex® Tubing End Assembly

Eliminating the need for cleaning and the possibility of contamination from repeated use.

PDF | 2 pages | 601.48 KB
Bio-Simplex Tubing End Assembly-datasheet
Buffer Feed Chromatography

Buffer Feed Chromatography Case Study

PDF | 1 page | 146.76 KB
Buffer Preparation Liquid-Liquid Mixing

Buffer Preparation Liquid-Liquid Mixing Case Study

PDF | 1 page | 153.37 KB
Bulk Drug Substance Fluid Transfer

Bulk Drug Substance Fluid Transfer Case Study

PDF | 1 page | 106.56 KB
Cell Clarification Post Centrifugation

Cell Clarification Post Centrifugation Case Study

PDF | 1 page | 156.64 KB
Cell Culture Media Charge

Cell Culture Media Charge Case Study

PDF | 1 page | 133.12 KB
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