SaniSeal™ Hose Identification System

The SANIseal™ silicone label encapsulation system has resolved the issue of hose identification. This unique one-step system, designed by Saint-Gobain Life Sciences, now allows the fabricator or end user to record information such as date of manufacture (DOM), lot number, process used on, fabricator’s identity, part number, or simply the telephone number to call for a replacement. Combine labels with a system of color-coded bands for easy identification of hoses.

Features & Benefits

  • Original patented technology (U.S. Patent number 6,660,396)
  • Permanently sealed and bonded to the hose with no product contact
  • Zero areas of entrapment
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Will not peel, crack, or blister
  • Suitable for autoclaving, clean-in-place (CIP), and steam-in-place (SIP) applications
  • Customized labels can include lot number, hose data, approval criteria, and other pertinent information
  • Compatible with all silicone hose products
  • Color coding identification for process differentiation


  • Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Bioreactor Process Lines
  • Bulk Product Transfers

Product Documents

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SANIseal™ Hose Identification Systems

Hose identification with the patented SANIseal™ silicone label encapsulation system.

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SANIseal™  Hose Identification Systems