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> BarbLock®
> Bioprocess Films
> Bio-Simplex®
> C-Flex®
> Critical Process Vessels
> EZ Top®
> PharmaFluor®
> PharmaPure®
> PharMed®
> Pure-Fit®
> SANIseal®
> Sani-Tech®
Brand Overview

The Brands You Trust
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics might not be a household name in the consumer world, but among professionals in pharmaceutical and related industries the company and the products we make are very well known. Our roster of iconic brands includes TYGON®, Sani-Tech®, C-Flex®, Pure-Fit® and a host of others - products that deliver consistently high levels of quality and performance. To learn more about specific product families, click on the links below.

> BarbLock® Retainers
Bioprocess Films
> Bioprocess 20 Liter to 500 Liter 3D Liners for Cylindrical Tanks
> Bioprocess 200 Liter to 500 Liter Bioprocess Bags for Rectangular Tanks
> Bioprocess 50 Liter to 500 Liter Bioprocess Bags for Cylindrical Tanks
> Bioprocess 50 ml to 20 Liter Small Volume Bags
> Bioprocess Multilayer Film
> Single-use BioProcess Systems
> A better carboy design... NEW Bio-Simplex® Carboys
> Bio-Simplex® Erlenmeyer Flask Systems
> Bio-Simplex® Gamma Irradiated Bottle Assembly Systems
> Bio-Simplex® Sampling Manifold Systems
> Bio-Simplex® Single-Use Molded Assemblies
> Bio-Simplex® Spinner Flask Accessories
> Bio-Simplex® Tubing End Assemblies
> C-Flex® Braided Tubing
> C-Flex® EZ Top® Container Closures
> C-Flex® Tubing
Critical Process Vessels
> Critical Process Vessels
EZ Top®
> C-Flex® EZ Top® Container Closures
> Sani-Tech® EZ Top® Container Closures
> PharmaFluor® FEP Tubing
> PharmaFluor® PFA Fittings
> PharmaPure® Tubing
> PharMed® BPT
> Pure-Fit® SBP Hose
> Pure-Fit® SC Sterile Connectors
> Pure-Fit® SIB
> Pure-Fit® SMP Hose
> Pure-Fit® SPT-60 L Silicone Tubing
> Pure-Fit® SVP Hose
> Pure-Fit® SWP Hose
> Pure-Fit® TC Standard Tube Clamps
> Pure-Fit® TCL Large Tube Clamps
> Pure-Fit® Tru Valve System
> SANIseal® Hose Identification System
> Sani-Tech® EZ Top® Container Closures
> Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® Manifolds
> Sani-Tech® Sani-Pro® High-Purity Piping and Components
> Sani-Tech® Short Radius SIB® Sweep 90° Elbows
> Sani-Tech® SIB®3 Smooth Inner Bore Welding System
> Sani-Tech® SIL-250 Tubing
> Sani-Tech® STHT-C Tubing
> Sani-Tech® STHT-R Hose
> Sani-Tech® STHT-R-HD Hose
> Sani-Tech® STHT-W Hose
> Sani-Tech® STHT-W-CO Hose
> Sani-Tech® STHT-WR Hose
> Sani-Tech® Stoppers
> Sani-Tech® TA Tubing Assemblies
> Sani-Tech® Ultra Sani-Link® Manifolds
> Sani-Tech® Ultra Silicone Tubing
> Sani-Tech® Ultra-HP High Purity Hose
> TYGON® 2475 I.B. Tubing
> TYGON® 2475 Tubing
> TYGON® E-3603 Tubing
> TYGON® E-LFL Tubing
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