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Critical Process Vessels
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Critical Process Vessels
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers a complete line of critical process vessels and equipment, including open-top and sanitary tanks and process vessels, as well as tank stands, mixers, fittings and other accessories.

Our tanks are rotationally molded in a variety of high quality virgin resin materials. They are tough, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Their seamless design eliminates the major cause of leakage associated with lesser quality plastic tanks, and simplifies cleaning as well. They won't wick or crack like fiberglass tanks, and cost less than tanks made with this material as well. And they are much lighter (less than half the weight), easier to maintain and significantly less expensive than stainless steel tanks.

Most tanks have a visible liquid level, and all are manufactured with controlled wall thickness with no corner thinning. These generous rounded corners have less molded-in stress, making them less likely to crack and easier to clean.

The safety equipment, fittings and accessories available as part of this product line feature the same quality, reliability and toughness found in our tanks and vessels.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics provides free technical assistance and a knowledgeable network of sales representatives to help you select the right product for your specific requirements. And our exclusive warranty gives you the confidence that the system you create using our components will perform superbly for many years.

Available tank designs include:

• Open-top tanks
    - Flat-bottom cylindrical tanks
    - Conical bottom tanks
    - Rectangular tanks
    - Cylindrical tanks
    - Accessories: cylindrical tank stands, open-top tank mixers, open-top tank fittings

• Sanitary vessels
    - Closed-dome bio tanks
    - Sanitary conical process vessels
    - Accessories: sanitary conical tank stands, sanitary tank mixers, sanitary drain options, fittings
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