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Specialty Polymers

A number of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' product lines utilize polypropylene and polysulfone, high-quality thermoplastics that have been shown to be less susceptible to biofilm growth than stainless steel. This attribute is
especially important in applications where water quality of the highest purity is essential. Polypropylene products are
a good choice for most moderate service applications, while polysulfone provides stability at high temperatures.

BarbLock® ultra-secure retainersBarbLock® ultra-secure retainers

BarbLock® ultra-secure retainers are the most advanced design available...

Pure-Fit® SC sterile connectorsPure-Fit® SC sterile connectors

Pure-Fit® SC is connective technology that makes it possible to create...

Pure-Fit® SIB smooth inner bore systemsPure-Fit® SIB smooth inner bore systems

Pure-Fit® SIB® is a smooth inner bore (SIB) hose-barb connector that...

Pure-Fit® TC standard tube clampsPure-Fit® TC standard tube clamps

Pure-Fit® TC tube clamps represent a new generation of clamping technology...

Pure-Fit® TCL large tube clampsPure-Fit® TCL large tube clamps

Pure-Fit® TCL large tube clamps provide the same innovative clamping technology...

Pure-Fit® Tru Valve systemPure-Fit® Tru Valve system

The Pure-Fit® Tru Valve system features an innovative valve design that...

Sani-Tech® Sani-Pro® high-purity rigid piping and componentsSani-Tech® Sani-Pro® high-purity rigid piping and components

Sani-Tech® offers a complete line of high-purity, non-metallic sanitary...

TYGON® 2475 high-purity tubingTYGON® 2475 high-purity tubing

TYGON® 2475 high-purity tubing is a plasticizer-free tubing that utilizes...

TYGON® 2475 I.B. high-purity pressure tubingTYGON® 2475 I.B. high-purity pressure tubing

TYGON® 2475 I.B. high-purity pressure tubing is a plasticizer-free, braid-reinforced...

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