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Custom Assemblies

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' comprehensive product line includes tubing and hose, manifolds and vessels, and all the clamps, fittings and other accessories needed to create assemblies for any application. Our experienced engineers and product experts will work with you to design a configuration that precisely addresses the unique needs of your specific project.

Bio-Simplex® CarboysBio-Simplex® Carboys

New Bio-Simplex® Carboys provide advanced liquid handling and solution...

Bio-Simplex® Erlenmeyer flask systemsBio-Simplex® Erlenmeyer flask systems

Bio-Simplex® Erlenmeyer flask systems – the number one choice of...

Bio-Simplex® Media Bottle Assembly SystemsBio-Simplex® Media Bottle Assembly Systems

Single-use technologies play a key role in reducing the risk of product cross...

Bio-Simplex® sampling manifold systemsBio-Simplex® sampling manifold systems

Economically designed for the single-use market, Bio-Simplex® sampling...

Bio-Simplex® single-use molded assembliesBio-Simplex® single-use molded assemblies

Bio-Simplex® single-use molded assemblies are constructed of C-Flex®...

Bio-Simplex® spinner flask accessoriesBio-Simplex® spinner flask accessories

Bio-Simplex® spinner flask accessories enable end users to maximize their...

Bio-Simplex® tubing end assembliesBio-Simplex® tubing end assemblies

Bio-Simplex® tubing end assemblies are economically designed for single...

Pure-Fit® SIB smooth inner bore systemsPure-Fit® SIB smooth inner bore systems

Pure-Fit® SIB® is a smooth inner bore (SIB) hose-barb connector that...

Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifoldsSani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifolds

The patented Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifold system utilizes our unique...

Sani-Tech® Ultra Sani-Link® Ultra manifoldsSani-Tech® Ultra Sani-Link® Ultra manifolds

The Sani-Link® Ultra manifold is a true industry first; in fact, it's been...

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