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Buffer Feed (Chromatography) << Case Studies

The Challenge
A bioprocess engineer at a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) facility for monoclonal antibody therapy manufacturing was unhappy with their current buffer feed chamber due to an output flow rate that could not keep pace with their chromatography column process requirements. This inefficiency resulted in process delays and potentially compromised batches of high value product. If continued it would jeopardize future opportunities for CMO with their client.

The Saint-Gobain Collaborative Design Services' Solution
The Saint-Gobain Technical Services team first engaged with the bioprocess engineer at his CMO facility to better understand their buffer feed chamber outlet drain flow rate requirements for chromatography processing and also to ensure bag design compatibility with existing 50L, 100L and 200L conical bottom tanks. The Saint-Gobain Collaborative Design Team delivered to the engineer prototypes of the single-use buffer feed chamber desired sizes each consisting of a 1” outlet drain port for confirmation of chromatography functional performance.

Customer Experience
The bioprocess engineer achieved greater process efficiency after employing Saint-Gobain’s buffer feed chambers into their chromatography workflow. Quality product was of superior quality design were delivered timely and at a more affordable price than that of their previous supplier.

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