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Confidence Through Validation

Saint-Gobain is proud to offer an enhanced level of validation certification for some of our most popular tubing formulations. ValPlus™ provides the Confidence Through Validation with an industry-first capability for critical fluid applications. This higher level of quality assurance in single-use fluid handling components allows ready adoption by customers into their production processes without the need for additional validation testing.

Saint-Gobain validates the fluid path of the tubing using a single, normal ANSI Level II sampling plan to meet standard industry particulate, endotoxin and bioburden requirements. An annual testing program has been established to routinely monitor compliance to these test specifications:

• USP <788> for Sub-visible Particulates
• USP <85> and <161> for Endotoxins
• ISO 11737 for Bioburden

ValPlus certification is currently available for select sizes and formulations of industry leading brands, including C-Flex®, Sani-Tech® and Tygon® tubing and hoses:

• C-Flex® 001 tubing
• C-Flex® 072 tubing
• C-Flex® 374 tubing
• Sani-Tech® STHT®-C tubing
• Sani-Tech® STHT® 65 tubing
• Sani-Tech® STHT®-R hose
• Tygon® 3350 tubing
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